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Content Pod™ Membership $250/month

  • ​5 bookings a month (90 mins each)

  • Access to ALL Content Pods during your 90 mins. 

  • 2 Additional Guest 

  • 15% off future books

  • Discounted event tickets 

  • Unused bookings will be rolled over

  • No contract, Cancel when you wish



Podcast Membership $175/month
(Limited Time ONLY)

  • Access to podcast rooms Tues-Sun

  • 5 Guaranteed bookings a month in Luxury Podcast Room (1 hour sessions)

  • Ability to book 2 hours each booking. (can not book more than 2hrs in one day)

  • Free extra bookings first come, first serve at no additional cost

  • Ability to use other available rooms for podcasting (Kitchen, Living Room, Sharon's Corner and Office/Library) 

  • Up to 3 additional guest for Luxury Room. Other rooms vary (please call)

  • Use of teleprompters per request

  • Use of Tripods

  • Access hours 10am-11pm (last booking at 11pm and must exit by 12am)

  • Free Co-working days

  • Discounted event tickets 

  • Pricing locked in for 90 days

  • No contract, cancel when you wish



Photographer's Home

(Limited Time ONLY)

  • Access to the photography studio 6 days a week (Tues-Sun)

  • Access times: 10am-11pm. Must exit no later than midnight

  • Guaranteed 10 bookings a month

  • Free extra bookings, first come, first serve.

  • Max of 2 hours a day (you can book the studio for 2hrs each day) 

  • 3 Additional Guest (not including the photographer)

  • Use of lighting equipment (you may bring your own as well)

  • Use of smoke machine by request

  • Use of computer editing by request (first come, first serve)

  • Use of backdrops (you may bring your own as well) 

  • Use of Alexa, play music during your session 

  • Use of available props listed on website (must reserve) 

  • Use of Teleprompter by request

  • Free co-working days 

  • Discount on event tickets 

  • No contract, cancel when you wish

  • 90 day price lock in (subject to change after 90 days)



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