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Behind The Lens

Executive Studio, inc was founded by Lakelia DeLoach-Lucas in 2022. Our mission is to provide a space for affordable luxury branding and lifestyle photoshoots for business owners, content creators and photographers highlighting their business and passion. We offer studio rental, Podcast rooms, Content Pods, networking events and business workshops. With video content creation taking over not only social media, but marketing in general, we are dedicated to providing a space to get all of your creative juices flowing and your content popping.


"From Loss to Legacy: The Story of Resilience"

In the face of immense personal loss, our founder, Byrd, found her strength. She experienced the unimaginable, losing her mother, father, and both siblings. Grief threatened to consume her, but she made a choice: to honor their memory by living her life to the fullest, with no regrets.

Byrd, a compassionate nurse with an unquenchable passion for marketing, content creation, and entrepreneurship, embarked on an extraordinary journey. She harnessed her love for storytelling and her past podcasting experience to inspire others. 

Today, she proudly presents Metro Detroit's inaugural Photography, Podcast, and Content Creation Studio, nestled in the heart of Royal Oak. This innovative space is more than just a studio; it's a canvas for creativity, a hub for expression, and a platform for dreams to flourish.

Byrd's vision doesn't stop here. With unwavering determination, she aspires to extend her studio's reach, bringing its empowering atmosphere and endless possibilities to the vibrant streets of Detroit. Her story reminds us all that even in our darkest hours, resilience can lead us to the most brilliant of endeavors.

Welcome to our community, where creativity knows no bounds, and where the legacy of strength and determination lives on in every project, podcast, and photograph captured within these walls.

Meet The Team

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