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Below you will find FAQ as well as booking for the Photography Studio. 

Image by Krists Luhaers

Who Can Rent The Studio?

We welcome all photographers rather you are new to the field or a veteran. We also allow those who aren’t photographers to rent out the space as long as you have a photographer booked.

Camera Equipment

What Is Included With My Rental?

When you rent out our studio, it includes access to the lighting equipment. We offer props that are added monthly, smoke machine, chairs, mannequins and more! Soon we will offer video equipment, bubble machine, and more!

Image by Alexander Mils

How Much Does It Cost?

Space is rented out by the hour. Cost is $25/hr and includes all lighting equipment listed. If you are looking for a specific prop or background, please give us a call BEFORE booking.

Image by Van Tay Media


We also offer membership packages. Check out what is included by clicking HERE.

Add to Cart

Add Ons

For an additional fee of $15/hr, we offer rose petals (including clean up), Editing software on our Mac desktop which includes Photoshop and other Adobe software and Canva. You do not have to book our studio to use these computers. They are available first come, first serve.


  1. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (NOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER). ID’s will be checked and waivers must be signed before your session.


  3. There is no smoking allowed inside or outside of the premises. You must return to your vehicle to smoke.

  4. We do not allow real guns or props, gang signs, threatening or offensive language, or nudity during a session.

  5. Our staff has the right to decline services to any client if anything about the session is deemed inappropriate, offensive or goes against companies mission, morals, and code of ethics. A full refund will be issued.

  6. The photographer is responsible for editing/retouching, sending, accepting client payment, and scheduling clients for session. We provide the space and equipment ONLY.

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